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Arabic Poems

by: Samran 

On this page you'll find just some of the things which I produced or made. Because most of my production are video types by which is difficult to be put here.


3rd Secondary graduate joke.

One of the things which I produced and was part of my studies is the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra's unofficial web site. I designed this site by my own. I passed through some difficulties such as translating Arabic articles about the orchestra into English and also getting the information which was the most difficult.

ROSO's Ad.

This audio file is also what I made for the ROSO, this is only to show how I am interested in promoting them, simply because I really admire their performances. This audio file was made using Cool Edit Pro 1.2

Oman Promo.

The above video is one of the short videos which I made when I was producing my virtual CV using director. Of course the video made using Adobe Premiere.

* To view this video: Just pass the mouse over the image and take away. To replay just pass the mouse again over it.

There are more to come

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